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QuickScan Document Scanning App for iOS & Android

Purpose of Document Scanning App for Various Industry Sectors

 By QuickScan Document Scanning App for iOS & Android

Industry Sectors 



Use of Scanning App in Education Sector 

Students can scan their H.W & C.W done on paper & submit on cloud file management OCR feature to convert scanned notes to editable word doc. Teachers can access student work, E-sign, comment, add note using Annotation feature of Scanner apps Parents can easily access the growth of their children using the cloud system.

Use of Scanning App in Healthcare Sector 

Turning Patient records on paper to digital format for ease of access to hospital and patients Digitize patient history and disease management data using QR code with help of scanner apps. This enables medical professional to make sound decisions looking at all the patient data with just a code.

Industry Sectors 



Use of Scanning App in Transportation Sector 

Smartphone scanning apps have made it feasible to do tasks such as precise ID'ing in a high-speed workflow at a minimal cost.  Mobile scanning vision software reduces the risk of sending the wrong goods. Image-capture-based scanners can capture a barcode and conduct a variety of functions Streamlining the supply chain

Use of Scanning App in Construction Sector 

EDs, blueprints, purchase invoices, deliveries certificates or reports from expert’s team members can swiftly scan any kind of document using the scanner on your mobile app Hard-copy blueprints can be easy to hide with password protection feature of scanner app. OCR transforms the image into editable PDF file that can be further processed in the backend.

Industry Sectors 


Real Estate

Use of Scanning App in Legal Sector 

Court filings, contracts, agreements, and other paperwork must frequently be signed by attorneys and their clients. So having a digital copy that can be scanned, edited, e-signed and shared securely is of great benefit to the legal professionals. All this is done instantly by document scanner apps.

Use of Scanning App in Real Estate Sector 

Scanner apps are a helpful tool for every real estate agent. You do not have to rush back to your office to scan a document. Use your smartphone camera to scan your document Change the course of transactions  to ultrafast and manage your client’s files easily. Allows to send confidential documents to clients that can be signed and returned from anywhere, on any device.

Industry Sectors 



Use of Scanning App in Banking Sector 

Simply scan an ID to quickly, easily, and securely verify customer identity when onboarding new accounts. Scanner apps can scan for receipts, driver's licenses, KYC and EHIC cards instantly and shared and saved securely.

Use of Scanning App in Corporate Sector 

Creating custom digital business cards & Scanning multiple business card dropping the text and numbers into their respective contact fields within the app. Within a contact, you can add notes and tags, share the card with a colleague via text or email

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QuickScan Document Scanning App for iOS & Android

On the Go Document Scanner app. Full-featured scanner with OCR, Automation, Annotation & PDF editing capabilities. Turns your iPad and mobile phone into a portable scanner.

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