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September 16, 2022

The Rise Of Indian Apps Followed By The Ban Of Chinese Apps

Young Indian developers have built, and launched Indian alternatives to consumer-centric Chinese utility applications, and some of the examples include Fau G, QuickScan, and Document Scanner App… …

November 9, 2022

QuickScan – Document Scanning App Launches New Features for Ease of Document View & Management

QuickScan application by Technostacks Infotech Private Limited is a precise document scanning app that effortlessly scans the documents into higher quality PDFs….. …

November 15, 2022

QuickScan – Document Scanning App Goes Multi-Linguistic & is Now Available in Various Languages

Technostacks is out with a slick update for its QuickScan-Document Scanner App for iPhone, Android and iPad Users. With the new release, QuickScan – PDF scanner app can cater to wider audience…. …

December 29, 2021

This New Update in Quickscan App Will Let Users Translate Image to Text & More to Improve UX

So, QuickScan – PDF Scanner App takes its explicit Document Scanning App to the next level with the launching of its new features for improving the user experience. QuickScan – Document Scanning App i …

January 27, 2022

QuickScan Releases video tutorials and blogs to enable Remote Work employees to function smoothly

QuickScan App has come up with a solution that can assist millions of work from home employees with document scanning and management. This document scanner app has recently released video tutorials an …

February 1, 2022

QuickScan App gets modern by using smart naming, shadow removal and the next generation of AI

QuickScan App gets modern by using smart naming, shadow removal and the next generation of AI
QuickScan, with its new features becomes even more powerful for scanning documents. It adds Smart naming, Shadow Removal and Next generation of AI to its hat. QuickScan App update of these new feature …

1888 Press Release
March 31, 2022

Technostacks Launched QuickScan Releases New Features for Easier Document Editions – An Improved Document Scanning App

Document scanner App, QuickScan’s brand new edit feature to automate the Selection, Crop and editing of Your Image Files. This scanning app for iOS and Android has been designed to be simple and busin


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Quickscan – Mobile Scanning App is the best document scanning application for iOS. Not only important documents, recipes, invoices, bills but also a photo scan can be taken with high resolution with QuickScan clear scanner. QuickScan is an excellent OCR app for iPad and iOS as well.

Simplicity of use, capability of beautiful & clean scan quality and equipped with flawless text recognition capability makes QuickScan – Document scanner app one of the best in the iOS scanning apps.

QuickScan – Mobile scanning App is the best free scanning iOS and Android App. Free and refreshingly clear, QuickScan is the ideal and go to App if you really want quick and clean PDFs.

This App is a strong choice for any individual looking for free Document scanning, saving and sharing. It lets you manage pdf documents. It scans notes, invoices, receipts, identity cards, business cards and transforms them into PDF scan.

Furthermore, it allows you to store on cloud and save in the App folder and share the pdf documents via cloud services or transfer files through Wifi.

QuickScan is a full featured Android App for document scanning. Everything from scanning forms into PDF, JPG, photos to PNG scan to create memories, scanning receipts for taxes, this app on Playstore works best for most use cases.

There is a free way to scan documents and edit them with your phone. There are plenty of mobile scanner apps available on the market that will scan documents. All you need to do is install the app and merely point your phone camera at the document or image and scan. After getting the high quality scan you can edit or reformat with the available options in the document scanning app itself as per your need.

PDF scanner Apps are loaded with Edit options that include cropping, rotation, border adjustment, magnification, Annotation, OCR PDF to text conversion, Multiple scans into one single PDF, re-arrangement of multiple scans and so on.

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