Digitize Notes, Class Handouts & More With QuickScan Document Scan App

Digitize Notes, Class Handouts & More With QuickScan Document Scan App


A digital scanning app is one of the most commonly used apps by students and professionals. Since the scan app has a positive impact on the operations and storage of documents, you must try one.

Incorrect and messy notes can be more likely to cause confusion rather than aid you. However there are a variety of powerful devices and digital tools to tackle these problems. Everyone has an iPhone nowadays, however pencils and paper haven’t become out of fashion. The majority of students utilize them to solve academic problems, and to write notes on their thoughts. The most profitable thing is the effort to find the most benefit from both. If you digitize notes from your studies you will get the “best combination of the two worlds” scenario. With a scan app, you can instantly get a copy of your physical documents on your digital device in the preferred file format.

What are Important Elements of the Document Scanning Apps

Although there are a lot of apps for scanning, there are some important things to consider while getting them. Here are some features you need to see when you are getting an app to scan documents:

  • Scan Quality: The quality of the scanning is of the utmost importance. The scanning apps must be able to capture HD images and should produce a clear version of the image. The best thing about QuickScan App is that the quality of the image is great and can also straighten out the picture. 
  • Added Support: The scan app should be able to provide text recognition support while scanning a document. We all know optical character recognition technology is crucial while scanning essential documents. The scan app should be able to identify every text message and make it easy to scan to pdf ocr.

A scanning app needs to have a variety of options for editing the document. After scanning a document, you may need to mark it up. You may also need to alter content, highlight a crucial piece, mark the location where a recipient should sign, and many other things. In this scenario, QuickScan scan App comes to the rescue with its various editing options after scanning a document.

  • Easy to Use: Most importantly, the selected scan app should be helpful and not complicated. It must have an intuitive layout with easy-to-understand labels. The application should be compatible with different types of mobile operating systems to increase the accessibility of scanning. You can easily get the QuickScan scanner App for iPhone and also for Android.

Now go Physical to Digital with QuickScan App

In this day and age, teachers rely on handouts and worksheets for conducting class exercises. Since virtual classes have become a norm, access to physical copies of these tasks has become difficult. Therefore, the best way to overcome this challenge is to get a secure scanning app. The clarity and legibility that the QuickScan App offers are unmatchable. Getting clear and understandable documents is very important when the content is in text format. With the QuickScan App, you can also reuse the content in other documents, saving time for the user.

Considering QuickScan App, it is one of the best free scanner app to help students and professionals in the aspect of secure scanning, you must keep reading to know more about it.

Why is QuickScan App One of the Best Scanning Apps?

To begin with, you are getting the best scanner app free of cost with QuickScan. The whole process of editing, scanning, and file sharing becomes very relaxed with this app. You would not be facing problems with formats with the QuickScan App. 

QuickScan is a mobile app that lets teachers scan any document with their camera on their mobile. Through it, they can convert any document that is printed (lesson materials/ Worksheets or photos physically) to a PDF document and save it to their mobile’s memory. It can then be transferred to their laptop/computer.

Be it a magazine, form, whiteboards, handwritten notes, or any other thing, format won’t be an issue. It is an effective pdf scanner with multiple capture modes. QuickScan ensures that all the documents you are scanning look clean and professional. 

Get the Best Scan App Solution in Terms of Usability

In the current advanced era, documents must take the least amount of time to scan. With Scanner App, you can get quick and unlimited high-resolution scans free of cost.

Scanning for better productivity: It’s common for students to draw drawings on whiteboards or a flowchart within notebooks, thinking they’ll record important points exactly when it’s laid out. However, it can be tedious and can be a waste of time. When using QuickScan, it’s easy to capture a photo drawing of the diagram or flowchart then save the document as it is. Machine learning automatically adjusts the crop, fixes lighting issues, and also lightens shadows.

The students can scan and take a picture of their drawings and save them to their devices and then upload their work to Instagram as well as other media sharing websites. It’s an excellent way to keep your mind fresh and get the most out of the less inspiring classes in school.

The Optical Character Recognition or OCR technology of the app lets it access any kind of document from any place with its cloud support.

Students can share their documents directly with other students without cutting and pasting URLs or notes in emails. When you’ve found the document you’re looking for, open the documents from any location and they’re all safe in the cloud

QuickScan app lets people share information quickly on the go. It is a compatible app, and it works better than the built-in android or iPhone document scanner. In case your Smartphone is facing an issue in connection, the app enables the file to upload automatically upon the availability of the internet.

Use scan apps to organize and capture information, to share content and make studying more efficient. Students will be an inch ahead of their classes and save time and money during the process.

What gives QuickScan an Edge Over its Competitors?

There are a lot of pdf scanners available in the market these days.  You can convert your smartphone into a scanner with the help of the QuickScan app.

What makes QuickScan app different from others are its features:

  1. Rapid and Excellent:The scan app works quite fast and obtains high-quality scans within a few seconds.
  2. Auto Mode:With QuickScan, you get the automatic detection feature of the documents. All you need to do is hold the phone in front of the document and let the app do the rest of the work.
  3. Best Photo Scanner:With QuickScan, you can save documents in various formats, including pdf and images. 
  4. Multi-Linguistic: QuickScan is multi-Linguistic and is available in many languages like English, Hindi, and German.

Why do we scan? Why won’t clicking on a picture on a mobile device do the trick?

Clarity and legibility: Particularly of textual files. The app can work on anything from handwritten notes to whiteboards and makes it simple to trim, crop and improve a scan to make it more easy to read and professional looking.

Re-usability: The scan unlocks the information through automated recognition of text (OCR) which allows teachers to reuse material by copy-pasting the content onto other documents. This helps save time and isn’t feasible on a photograph document. OCR is used to distinguish handwritten or printed text and make it searchable. This is useful if you’re scanning a lot of documents with text.

The file can be transformed into a digital worksheet that is editable. The scanner application can also be used to adjust the image’s brightness and brightness, filter it with filters, crop it and rotate it, alter the order in which you scan pages, and pick between saving the image as an image in a PDF format or as a PNG.

Key Takeaways

It’s not surprising that a lot of our students view the traditional method of taking notes as outdated. In classes and lectures, students today don’t require notes and take notes on whiteboards. Instead, they snap a photo of the board , or take notes and record lectures directly on their devices. They can also create and share tasks, study materials and divide up their tasks — all in only a couple of clicks.

Since mobile scanning has become the norm today, there are a lot of apps that can help you out with that. With the increasing use of digital assets, scan apps is an obvious extension of how students interact and communicate today. The quality of the documents you are getting matters the most while selecting one.

With QuickScan, which is a highly effective scan app, you can scan and edit your vital documents in the best quality and format.