Need to Sign, fill out or Secure a PDF: It’s Never Been So Easy

Need to Sign, fill out or Secure a PDF: It’s Never Been So Easy

In today’s digital world, who keeps a paper-based record? Everything can be noted digitally, from grocery shopping lists to books with thousands of pages. Since this is rapidly becoming a method to obtain and store data, scanning apps are becoming increasingly important. The public often chooses the best document scanner app which advertises all premium features at the lowest costs.

What is a PDF?

A PDF (Portable Document Format) is an electronic form of a document that can be accessed via any digital device anywhere. It is independent of the software or the hardware used and is very easy to download and view. Numerous sites on the internet make many books and reports available in PDF format for public use by scanning books into a PDF using Paper Scanners, portable scanners or scanner apps.

An in-built scanning application for Apple and Android smart phone is considered the best document scanner app since it provides all the basic features and much more. The functionality of scan and edit a pdf on iPhone allows people from different walks of life and needs to scan efficiently, without any hassle. It also has the PDF conversion option that helps edit word document on iPhone and is easily one of the most used features. Since Scan to pdf on iPhone and android by these PDF scanning app is effective, the user recommendation rate is high, and so are the positive reviews. Theses apps are nothing but scanner with PDF output.

Benefits of Scanning a Document in a PDF Format

So, what are the uses of downloading, scanning and storing a document in a PDF format? Various formats can be used to save a document on any given device, but PDF is one of the most preferred formats of the scannable apps. Some of the advantages of storing the document as a PDF by using best document scanner app are as follows

  • Portability: When an article is scanned to PDF, it becomes a portable document that doesn’t need to be transferred. Any font, image, or table can be easily shared and viewed, regardless of the device! There is a missing font problem in Word and the missing image problem in PowerPoint, which don’t occur while using a PDF.
  • Universal compatibility: Since there’s an open standard version of PDF available since 2008, all apps support it.PDF is accessible easily on every operating systems as well as devices, be it windows, Mac, Linux or pre-installed app.
  • Security: The security offered for the document by best document scanner app is top-notch if shared via PDF. A PDF file can be easily secured by setting up a password. After that, the file can be safely shared via email or a message.
  • Easy creation: Even if the user creates files in a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint presentation format, they can export the same in PDF across various devices with relative ease!
  • Detailed feedback and versatility: PDF support annotations, which help the users get an overview of the given content. This is useful in work and academic settings as the colleagues can give their feedback effortlessly. Also, PDF can be created for images, long annual reports, graphs, lengthy and short content, highlighting its versatility.
  • File size reduction: If there’s not much space on the given device, the users can save the PDF in a low-quality resolution to save some. Also, limited data can be shared via emails, and this function is of utmost importance in work settings that require the submission of long project reports.

How to Attain a Quality PDF & Secure Document

To attain a good quality document, one must know how to operate the best document scanner apps. But in best document scanner app, there are many complex features available. What are the steps required to operate them efficiently? What functions should I use for a given work setting? How to scan a paper to PDF? How to edit documents on iPhone? How to lock a PDF? If you have these questions about a scan app and would like them answered, read on!

  • Keeping information confidential: Security of the written content can be ensured by setting up a password, a readily available feature for many Android and iPhone apps. PDFs are more secure since this function is not available in any other format. The Hide feature for QuickScan enhances security protocols with a PIN or password. Hope you have got your answer to how to password protect a word document or scanned PDF.

For businesses, sensitive information mustn’t be leaked at any cost. Hence, the user needs to secure their document, and they can install scanning app with security feature if they possess an iPhone or any smartphone.

  • Please make sure the document is password-protected: There are many security options the users can choose from a pin or a fingerprint password.

Manage the App’s permissions – To secure your privacy, it’s crucial to restrict the App’s access to limited features. Permissions can be given and revoked in the app settings, and the most common accesses given are for the camera, microphone, and the files on the device. Make sure that you only enable the features you deem less of a risk to your digital privacy!

  • Hands-free editing: Long PDF forms can be tedious to fill. This situation can be frequently encountered at work and can lead to time wastage. However, the automated editing feature can allow for a more relaxed completion of the given form. The QuickScan App allows the creation of a custom text that can then be replicated for every chosen document. It’s a convenient text tool to edit word document on iPhone and thus helps save time and hard work.

There’s a lifetime subscription offered for the QuickScan App, and it duly supports automated editing and enhancement of the text.

  • Annotation: This particular Annotation feature included in the QuickScan app helps in editing the document. If the user wants to keep some part of the content hidden from the others with whom the document is shared, they can cover with a black colored lines. The cover matches the document’s color, and the selected content can be covered. It’s completely opaque, and the space appears as a blank piece of paper. The corrections are thus literally invisible! Thus, this helps protect the user’s privacy and helps him focus on the other parts of the document. This tool is used more by editors and comes in handy while covering up some petty faults!

These two features are highly recommended, and their usage ratio is rising exponentially.

  • Creating digital signatures: If you own a business or work as someone whose signature is often required, this feature is perfect for you! Some scanning apps allow the creation of official digital signatures for efficient use. Hence, even if the person is not in the office or away vacationing, they can sign on the go! This feature is listed in the App store details of the application, and sometimes, a monthly subscription is required to access it.

The “scan and sign app” is already present and is free of cost for iPhone users. QuickScan, one of the best document scanner apps for iPhone, allows for the creation of a seamless digital signature. The user can also add a stamp from a photo. The innovative technology allows for the extraction of the signature and stamp from a scan and a typical picture in the gallery.

How to Scan and Sign a Document on iPhone?

  • Exporting made easy: When you scan a document to PDF on either iPhone or Android, the first impulse is to find the printer if an export option isn’t available. But most of the best document scanner apps allow for easy sharing of the edited article in different formats!
  • Most apps provide an option to export the given document in 3 different formats to transfer the file in – JPEG, PDF, and TXT. Multiple files can be shared at once via Airdrop, mail, social media, drive by tapping the “Share” icon at the bottom of the device. After choosing the format, one can also decide and reduce the scan size. After tapping the “Done” button, you can choose the App to which the document needs to be exported. If the desired option isn’t available, one can search for it by clicking “More.”
  • For the printer, it’s the same procedure as mentioned above. However, instead of choosing any other application, the user has to choose the connected printer.
  • The scans can also be shared to a desktop wirelessly.
  • Fax scans can also be sent, but the amount of paper needed and the location have to be considered before sharing the document.

How to Scan a Doc on iPhone: QuickScan 

This iPhone scanner app is already available for Apple product users. Some of its perks are as follows:

  • Advanced image enhancement and scanning technique – Not all PDF scanner apps allow automated image enhancement. In this feature of the QuickScan, the resolution of the scanned document can be chosen by the user as well as the image can be enhanced by different editing methods.
  • Automated multi-page scanning – Have multiple documents to scan? It sounds like a tedious task, but worry not! The multi-page scanning feature of the QuickScan allows easy scanning of many documents in one go. One doesn’t have to go back and forth to save the file or check the quality since almost every process is automated or can be finalized at the very end.
  • Sharing made easy – The users are just one tap away from sharing the print with others. They can also upload the scans to Google Drive or Drop Box for mass group sharing. Various exporting options have been mentioned above as well.
  • Digitizing standard documents – ID cards can be scanned ideally via the “ID scanning mode” of the QuickScan. This helps issue a digital version of standardized ID documents like the passport and driver’s license. Nowadays, they can be used as an official replacement of the actual physical document at some offices and public arenas.
  • Guide videos to help users navigate through the App – If a person is new to the App, it offers a video tutorial to guide the user on feature usage. The videos are in story form and help make navigation easier. Many unique features that are not available in other scanners can make the scanning process complicated in QuickScan but once the user gets the hang of the same, editing and exporting the document is efficient.
  • Customization at its best – Customizing the features allows for faster scanning and procures the desired quality of the scan. The QuickScan Action menu can be customized by changing the order or removing certain less-used features, creating a set of only the necessary tools.

QuickScan App: Improves your Scanning Usage Experience

All of the points mentioned earlier will help enhance your experience while using one of the best business card scanner apps for iPhone. It can be used by people from different professions and by students for various purposes.

To conclude, there are many document scanners available, and the user must take note of the features that they need to complete their daily tasks and make their work easier. PDF scanning apps are becoming a rage since sharing them has become effortless.

While choosing a scanning application, it is necessary to take note of a few things before actually downloading and paying for the functions offered. These points are:

  • Take into account your expectations and choose only the best document scanner app suitable for daily usage.
  • The App should offer heightened security for your scanned documents, and the availability of features such as password protection is essential.
  • Get an app that can manage multi-language files and supports text recognition, allowing automated editing.
  • The app features should be offered at a designated cost and must fit your budget. Also, consider the accessible functions available and compare them with the recommended options.
  • Distraction-less and ad-free scanner apps are rarely free, but the availability of this paid feature is a perk.


  1. How can I electronically sign a PDF document?

    • It was never easier to sign an electronic document saved in PDF format. For this, use special tools or applications designed for managing documents in this format, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, QuickScan, DocuSign, or PDFfiller.
    • Most of these tools will upload your PDF document, create the signature through typing, drawing, or uploading an image, and then place the signature onto the document.
    • Once your signature is in place, save the document to retain the signature.
    • This process is legally binding and widely accepted for professional and personal documents.
  2. What’s the easiest way to fill out a PDF form?
    • Filling out a PDF form in a snap can be quickly done with free or paid online PDF editors and desktop applications, such as Adobe Acrobat, Foxit Reader, and Preview for macOS.
    • These applications enable you to type directly into the PDF if the document is formatted as a fillable form.
    • If the form is not fillable, the user can add text and even a text box himself, using the feature that most PDF editors will provide.
    • Remember to save your document after filling it out to ensure all your data is retained.

    3. How can I add security to a PDF file?

    • Adding security to a file in a PDF is an important operation to preserve the contained sensitive information. The act of enhancing security in a PDF document is through the use of a PDF edition program to add a password, limit editing, and even make changes to the printing and copying limitations.
    • Edit your PDF and search for the security settings or properties you would like to have in your PDF.
    • You may, for instance, protect your document with a password. Upon setting one, to view, open, or make any changes in the document, one has to key in the password. Therefore, one cannot do so without being provided with the password.

    4. Can I edit a PDF after it’s been signed or secured?

    • Editing a signed or secured PDF can be challenging, as these actions are often intended to finalize the document.
    • In case you have an original or a secured PDF to which a password has been set, you will have the possibility to remove the signature and/or security settings by applying the PDF editor. 
    • Afterwards, once the security settings have been removed, you can make the required changes.
    • In any case, document-signing is edited, while noticing that in the end, it may not validate the signature, which will entail resigning the document.

    5. Is it possible to convert other documents into PDF format?

    • There are many tools to convert documents easily from formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and images to PDF.
    • Most modern word processors and presentation software come with a “Save as PDF” or “Export to PDF” option.
    • Additionally, there are numerous online converters and PDF management tools that can perform the conversion.
    • These tools retain the design and formatting of the original document; therefore, they can easily be shared and viewed on different platforms without running the risk of encountering interface issues.

Key Takeaways

For iPhone and Android users, the QuickScan App is available free of cost for installation. This document scanner app is a problem solver when it comes to document access and share as it has various automated functions that make scanning easy and an enjoyable process. The video tutorials made available by developers are a boom as they attract consumers of all age groups and are highly interactive.

The users can quickly learn about the application, which renders a high-efficiency rate for the App. However, don’t forget to update the App regularly to access newer functions!