How QuickScan Helps to Manage and Scan Records for the Healthcare Sector?

How QuickScan Helps to Manage and Scan Records for the Healthcare Sector?

In the healthcare industry, every minute detail and time is crucial to ensure that every patient receives the best treatment and care. Quick access to patient information makes a huge difference as it helps in obtaining accurate information about the patient’s condition, past treatment done, and current situation, which means enhanced speed and cost-efficiency of the whole healthcare system.

An increasing number of healthcare organizations are adapting document management software to boost bottom-line processes and increase efficiency as well as profitability, which is a win-win for treatment seekers as well as professionals.

With the advancements in technology, it is now possible to scan and store documents using a mobile scanner app, which further simplifies and accelerates medical procedures. The scanned file can be saved, edited, and shared with professionals involved in the treatment within a few seconds as and when required.

How do Mobile scanning apps help the Healthcare sector?

Every healthcare institute is flooded with data, which means a lot of information for processing. It can be strenuous to analyze, process, store, and share, especially if it is in paper form. Here are some of the best solutions that a document scanning service renders and is set to revolutionize the industry:

Data accuracy: 

Healthcare professionals had been updating data manually until the scanning solutions were introduced. This made data management difficult and increased the chances of errors, which affected the treatment. Scanning services help in extracting information correctly and securely. Human errors in copying info for reference from the original document for the future are equivalent to loss of data and misinterpretation that may lead to wrong decisions ahead. A scanned document app is an exact copy of the original paper, and hence, it helps in always maintaining data accuracy.

Quick decision-making: 

Healthcare providers are using portable scanners and mobile apps to perform tasks like recording patient details and test results, updating prescriptions, scheduling appointments, etc. The readily available electronic document allows easy access to patient records, legalities, and accounting, which facilitates streamlining workflow between professionals of various departments. It, therefore, helps in making the decision-making process quicker and customer service better in all respects.

Data security: 

Every organization is expected to maintain the confidentiality of the patient’s data, which becomes an issue when the forms and documents are stored physically. Also, if the files are saved in physical documents, it requires a separate space for storage, which means filing, labeling, and storing every document. Medical records scanning eliminates all such issues and keeps the digital documents safe in systems with limited access. When a professional shares the document with someone else, there is a provision to save it with passcode access, which elevates data security to the next level.

Reduced costs: 

A mobile scanning app for the healthcare sector reduces the cost of administrative processes for storing and filing the archive in the dedicated space. The overall benefit of document scanning is saving a considerable amount of time, effort, and money, which healthcare providers love and use to the best possible extent.

How QuickScan Helps in the Healthcare Sector? 

QuickScan is the leading document-scanning app that hospitals and healthcare practitioners are using for enhanced productivity in the sector. Here are some ways in which the QuickScan app helps the sector to create accurate digital files in different formats as required.


When a patient visits the hospital, he is allocated a specific barcode at the time of registration. This barcode is then used in the future for data management, including processes like medication administration.


QuickScan allows healthcare experts to share relevant prescriptions with pharmacy professionals so that the patient gets the right medicines quickly with the right dosage, without any hassles.

Speedy patient treatment: 

Once the data of the patient is saved using the app, it becomes easy to identify and treat the person even if he arrives unconscious. The front-desk professionals can share the details with surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, and others with ease without wasting time discussing and checking old files.

What is the functionality of QuickScan that makes it stand out from other mobile scanning apps?

QuickScan document scanner is available for both the App Store and Play Store operating systems. This mobile document scanner app renders high-resolution images that are lightweight and user-friendly. Professionals can scan different document types, which can be instantly saved in a dedicated folder to maintain proper patient data. Below are some important features of this document-scanning service:

Image quality: 

When it comes to document management systems in the healthcare sector, image processing has a vital role as it can intervene with the patient’s treatment, and QuickScan is popular for best-in-class image clarity.

Manual and auto-scanning: 

The latest version of QuickScan can be used on mobile phones that come with auto-document detection. This means the professional would need to hold the phone in front of the document, and it scans within seconds.

Easy sharing and organizing: 

Professionals can save documents in dedicated folders and find them in a few clicks, also allowing them to share the document via message, cloud storage, email, drive, and other sharing platforms.

Layout selection: 

QuickScan allows saving multiple documents in different formats like PDF files or Microsoft Office format as per business needs.

OCR and editable files: 

QuickScan mobile document scanner app supports optical character recognition, which means that the document can be edited by adding notes, stamps, erasing, or highlighting important info.

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Password protection: 

Every document can be secured using a passcode so that the other party cannot make changes.

What healthcare-related documents can be scanned in QuickScan?

QuickScan mobile document scanner app has digitalized the healthcare industry, and more organizations are turning to document indexing and saving personal information for future reference. The files can be saved as downloadable PDFs or images that can be edited conveniently.

It becomes easy to track down a patient’s history and health record, which becomes crucial if the person needs to go for treatment at another hospital or location. Here are some documents that are commonly scanned and saved in most hospitals:

  • Patient’s personal information, like name, age, blood group, address, and birthmarks, for proper identification.
  • Doctor’s diagnosis and prescription.
  • Tests recommended and corresponding results.
  • Treatment plan, which becomes crucial in long-term illness or recurring health conditions.
  • Medical reports like scans, x-rays, and more.
  • Patient care and medication routine while the person is under observation post-treatment or surgery.
  • Dietary recommendations and post-treatment follow-up shared by the healthcare expert.
  • Bills are generated along with details like paid and pending payments.
  • Pharmacy-related documents like medications provided and bills.
  • Documents related to health insurance in case a patient uses the facility.

Scan on the go for all the important patient documents.

Document scanner has been in the limelight for a few years, but earlier, hospitals relied on scanning machines for converting physical papers to document image. These big machines were later replaced by portable scanners that made document scanning easier. Still, the only drawback was that the medical files were saved as images that could not be modified.

Modern-day mobile scanning solutions like QuickScan incorporate OCR technology that converts multiple documents into editable digital files with high scan speed. The document scanner renders results in a matter of seconds without any errors, which makes the scan-on-the-go concept practical. There aren’t any documents that healthcare providers cannot scan using this application, and this is the reason why it is gaining immense popularity across industries.

Importance of maintaining medical records

The healthcare industry largely depends on patient data, and since thousands of patients reach out to organizations for treatment daily, maintaining the medical archives of each patient is a real challenge.

The mobile scanning apps have come up with the best solution for this since each document can be saved in folders as per the classification and can be searched using the keyword or patient name. The scanning process begins at the bottom line when the patient visits the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. The process is smooth and streamlined and is updated whenever the person visits the clinic.

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Benefits of QuickScan in the Healthcare Sector?

Undoubtedly, QuickScan has helped in attaining efficient and timely treatment in the healthcare sector and has proven to be of great benefit to patients.

While healthcare professionals can treat more patients due to quick and right info, patients get appropriate cures without any delay. Healthcare providers have been making more profit since they are able to cater to more patients in a single day.

What is optical character recognition in the Healthcare sector?

The OCR feature of the document scanner app allows saving scanned documents in editable formats, making document management easier.

The OCR-enabled scanning applications produce high-resolution images or PDFs that make document reading easy for everyone, including patients.

Benefits of OCR in the Healthcare sector.

OCR is extensively used in the healthcare sector to make modifications in data when required. For example, if a doctor makes an initial diagnosis and recommends tests, he can make changes in the previous documents once the diagnosis is complete and the condition is confirmed.

People who opt for health insurance can get their bills modified after the claims are passed, before making the final payment.

How does QuickScan provide the best Digital Scanning Solutions for the Healthcare sector?

QuickScan is a modern scanning solution that has all the latest features that healthcare providers need for day-to-day document management. It is one of the most used document scanners because of its high-quality output and intelligent OCR technology.

The healthcare facilities do not need to prepare papers, file, and store them for future use as the scanning app allows saving digital documents in the system itself, which is quick to access and does not consume physical space in the hospital.

QuickScan has the Best Features all are the Ones You Need

If you are a healthcare provider, consider QuickScan for document processing since it guarantees top-notch image quality, which you can save in the desired format as per your organization’s policy.

The automatic scanning mode is easy to use and generates results without compromising on the output quality within seconds. All you need is an iOS or Android mobile phone, and you are set to scan the required documents in no time.


1. What are the uses of scanners in records management?

Scanners have a crucial role in records management since maintaining physical documents is difficult, especially in a setup where data is received in bulk. Latest document scanner apps can be used to scan any document type and convert it to an editable digital file stored in the computer, which means quick access to info.

2. Why is it important to scan records?

Scanning records is vital, especially in the healthcare industry, since the inflow of data is numerous. Also, scanning and saving documents in digital forms enhances efficiency, which is converted into timely and appropriate treatment of patients.

3. Why are medical records important in healthcare?

Medical data contain important information about the patient, the diagnosis, treatment plan, and future expectations. Thus, hospitals focus on storing this data with utmost accuracy. However, considering the amount of data that a healthcare organization needs to manage daily, manual entry and document organization are difficult. The mobile scanner apps, therefore, render a solution to make this process simpler and more effective for the best results.

4. How can the use of a scanner help the office in document Organization?

Document scanning allows saving data in digital formats that can be saved on the computer as per the classification of information or patient name. Professionals can search for relevant information using appropriate keywords, which isn’t possible in physical documentation.


QuickScan document scanner has revolutionized data management and document processing in the healthcare industry.

The professionals can focus on treating patients rather than making documents and referring to files containing records as the scanned documents are easy to read, and essential information is highlighted with the useful features in the mobile scanner app.