Back to School with QuickScan Mobile Scanner App

Back to School with QuickScan Mobile Scanner App


Popular mobile scanner app QuickScan offers ample of features for students and educators that sign up to the app free, including the app’s advanced features free for trial purpose. The features free for students and educators make QuickScan–Mobile Scanner App one of the best Android & iOS productivity apps that can support the education system in numerous ways. Educational users can enjoy several free advanced features once accounts are verified.

The school district, college, or university manages information poses an impact both on school budgets and the facility’s ability to secure stored information. Scanning solutions help schools to organize and improve the record-keeping process. The mobile scanner app bridges the problematic gap between paper-based and digital processes while providing substantial benefits to teachers and administrators.

Records management and lesson planning using Mobile Scanner App

Records management

The effortless scanning with QuickScan – one of the best document scanning app benefits teachers for precise records management. It ensures the management of the lesson plans to student progress reports. That said, the right scanning solutions can make the job easily manageable.

Also, QuickScan, which is one of the leading best mobile scanner apps for teaching and learning, scans student test results to streamline progress reports. QuickScan further allows you to scan and save lesson plans to better facilitate review processes.

Scanning of classroom documents using Mobile Scanner App

Scanning of classroom documents with Quickscan

The app helps in scanning classroom notes and also the classwork and homework to parents and students. Scan teaching tips alongside learning resources for future reference. That said, it can organize your records to provide lesson planning and teaching. The tool ensures easy handling of thousands of documents.

QuickScan manages, stores, and secures plenty of scanned online documents. Scanning solutions allow educational facilities to go ahead with capturing, converting, and storing records digitally. It ensures the maintenance of student privacy with security solutions. With the scanning tool, the education sector saves time and money. Using mobile apps in education is noteworthy as there is a plethora of features worth trying.

Key Benefits of Mobile Scanner App to a Diverse Set of Users

1. Teachers and professors

QuickScan is an excellent mobile scanner app providing a wide variety of features. QuickScan enables the creation of high-quality PDF scans using the camera. QuickScan’s editing features allow signing, highlighting, annotating, deleting, and cropping pages. Also, QuickScan lets your passcode documents and support touch ID to be with all the security measures.

QuickScan, one of the best mobile scanner apps for teachers, gives access to all of your cloud services. Log in to these platforms. Automatically sync all your scanned docs. Also, there are other solutions like digital signature and highlight functions. Using mobile scanning apps in learning has been essential today for educators at all levels.

Teachers can E-Sign or add stamps to the assignments and announcements made to the students online using the Annotation feature available on the Document scanning App. An amazing feature for documents that require certification & verification like student mark sheets, emergency and important announcements.

2. Parents

Parents can use QuickScan mobile scanner app to check their children’s work from their phones! There is no more waiting to sign in on paper. Check-in/out multiple kids at a time with the QuickScan.

Also, QuickScan, confirm that the worksheet was shown to the parents. E-signature feature is in the Annotation category of this Mobile Scanner App.

3. Students

Students can use QuickScan–PDF scanner app to store digitally any printed documents. There will be an option to save the digital version (pdf). QuickScan, one of the mobile scanner apps for teaching, performs remarkably well for building student digital portfolios, sharing homework with teachers, sharing class notes with each other, especially in absenteeism.

The OCR PDF to text conversion feature is a great tool for students to revise, take notes, highlight the scanned text. This feature converts the scanned PDF document into editable word file, which can be easily edited by the students. Various simple scanning and editing questions like how to edit scanned pictures, how to scan paper into word document, how to scan picture to pdf, scan document into text is answered by use of scanner apps on your phones.

How to use QuickScan Mobile Scanner App for scanning and its benefits in Assignment organization, scanning & sharing?

illustration image of Assignment Organization

Using QuickScan, the iPhone, Android and iPad study app is very easy where you will have to just download the ‘QuickScan – Document Scanner’ Application from Google Play Store (for Android Users) or App Store (for iPhone/iPad users).

Click on the ‘Camera Button’ at the Bottom Centre Corner. There, place hard-copy documents on a flat surface. Point the smartphone camera over it and scan the documents using QuickScan.

The Benefits of using QuickScan Mobile Scanner App

Saving space

Scanning your documents frees up space. Also, no more purchasing of the bulky file cabinets is needed when QuickScan can store thousands of files. Document scanning prevents excess paper from piling up.

Better Data Security

You can encrypt Scanned documents with the mobile educational application for elementary students using android. Also, password protects and securely store the files in the cloud. Assign access levels to specific users.

Automating regular actions

How can educational apps help students? When sending your assignments to the same professor, configure an export shortcut to email. Create a Scan document shortcut.

Staying organized

Follow pre-defined patterns that can ensure documents. Also, you can use QuickScan to Document the Name Template for each class. You can automatically include the class name alongside the date of the session. Also, get the option for generating a custom prompt to remember what the session was about.

Archive digitized classroom notes in specific folders. Also, QuickScan integrates with many cloud storage services. Configure an auto-export that helps with exporting your scans to the proper cloud storage folder.

Next-generation scanning technology

QuickScan is one of the pro Android apps for students, known app to scan, convert to pdf and read particularly for achieving precision, speed, and quality. Integrated new technologies create the next generation mobile scanning technology that guarantees performance and quality.

Document detection

Image enhancement filters in QuickScan make it the perfect app. Adjust colors, white-balance, tackle tricky shadows, and clean the edges. One of the iPad apps for teachers, QuickScan is the best for maintaining brilliant contrast and dark black shades.

Mobile apps development for teachers has been gaining pace lately as many educational institutions are looking for an easy-to-use app.

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Moving Forward

So, QuickScan is a highly useful scanner app for students, and the iOS version makes life easier for other involved stakeholders. Take a picture of a paper assignment, and be ready to transform it into a clean, legible PDF document. Be ready to send assignments to your professor. Scanning document is easy, even when you are creating multi-page PDF documents.

High-contrast, clean documents that the QuickScan PDF scanner app produces make it one of the best apps. Name your documents, rename, configure Document Name Templates that can ensure keeping away the chances of repetitive work. Also, be ready to keep track of work with students when you have one of the useful mobile apps for students offering you a range of benefits.