Key Reasons Businesses Need OCR For Document Scanning

Key Reasons Businesses Need OCR For Document Scanning

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is an advanced technology that enables devices to recognize and interpret characters from an image or scanned document. It can be used for converting physical documents into digital formats such as JPG files and PDF files.

OCR scanning is beneficial for businesses that require quick digitalization of vital documents such as invoices, receipts, and legal contracts. Thus, it helps streamline processes and improves data accuracy by eliminating manual input errors. In this blog, we will explore reasons why OCR is important with document scanning.

How Exactly Does QuickScan – OCR Mobile Scanner Work?

QuickScan OCR scanner app supports mobile scanning, making it easy to access and convert PDF documents stored on a smartphone or tablet. It can capture the exact text from PDFs and images. This OCR scanner app allows users to scan multi-page files and pictures taken with digital cameras.

The QuickScan app features include Automatic language detection, export, scan & import data, and enable iOS integration. Scanned documents can be shared as searchable PDFs or image files via email, text message, or applications. With QuickScan’s mobile scanning capabilities, users can sign, automate file naming, and access information on the go. Let’s discover reasons why OCR is important with document scanning.

How does OCR Mobile Scanner recognize text?

OCR mobile scanning technology works by taking an image of the text, such as a printed or handwritten text document, and converting it into machine-readable text. Let’s explore OCR capability, OCR process, intelligent character recognition, and intelligent document processing. Also, we will discuss reasons why OCR is important with document scanning.

Analyzes the precise structure of the image or a snapshot.

OCR Mobile Scanner utilizes advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to analyze the structure of a scanned image or snapshot. It extracts the text present in the captured image and converts it into digital text that can be edited, searched, and stored. This helps to save time by minimizing manual data entry.

Splits the page information into elements.

OCR Mobile Scanner uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to recognize text from scanned documents. It splits the page information into elements, such as words or images, and identifies them using algorithms. The software then creates a database of all recognized characters, which it can match against stored patterns. This allows OCR Mobile Scanner to accurately recognize text and easily convert it into a digital format.

Divides into words and then into characters.

OCR Mobile Scanner technology works by capturing an image of text and converting it into machine-readable characters. It begins by analyzing the entire image, then dividing it into discrete parts such as lines, words, and characters. Once the actual text has been divided, the software works to identify each character and convert it into a digital form that a computer can read.

The Key Benefits Of OCR Data Entry

OCR data entry enables organizations to streamline their data entry processes, automate manual tasks, and improve accuracy rates.  Let’s explore reasons why OCR is important with document scanning

1. Improved Productivity

OCR data entry helps to improve productivity in the workplace by enabling employees to focus on more meaningful tasks instead of tedious manual data entry. With OCR software, information from documents can be quickly scanned and converted into digital text that is easily searchable and editable. This allows for faster paperwork processing and eliminates the need for manually typing each piece of information. This improved speed, automation of tasks, and OCR accuracy, saves time and reduces human errors.

2. Cost Reduction

OCR can save businesses money by eliminating the cost of hiring professionals for data extraction and reducing various expenses like copying, printing, and shipping. Additionally, utilizing OCR eliminates costs associated with misplaced or lost documents and allows for more office space by limiting the need for physical document storage. 

3. High Accuracy

 With OCR data entry, the ability to enter data faster and more accurately than ever can increase profitability by allowing businesses to focus on other areas of their operations. By investing in OCR technology, companies can reduce the time spent searching for missing information or entering incorrect data, thus making them more efficient, accurate, and precise.

4. Better Storage Space

One of the benefits of OCR data entry is its capability to assist you in saving on storage space. This is important for companies with large volumes of paperwork or Microsoft Office documents that need to be stored for long periods. Using OCR data entry, these documents can be converted into digital files and stored easily on a computer or cloud-based server.

5. Enhanced Data Security

Data security is crucial for any organization since paper documents can be easily lost or destroyed. Storing data digitally through scanning mitigates the risk of losing, theft, or damage that could happen to misplaced or physically retained paper documents. Moreover, digitalized data can be easily analyzed and sustained. Besides, access to digital files can also be restricted to prevent mishandling of the information.

6. Easy Text-Searchable Documents

OCR data entry makes it easy to create text-searchable documents. Documents are converted into digital text, which can be searched for keywords and phrases quickly and easily. This allows users to find information faster and more accurately, saving time and manual effort.

7. Disaster Recovery

OCR data entry can provide disaster recovery benefits. If your physical documents are lost or destroyed due to a natural disaster, OCR technology offers a way to back up the information in digital form and ensure its safety.

This is useful for dealing with legal documents, where physical documents may be used as evidence. With OCR data entry, there is always a backup so that all your important information remains safely stored and accessible.

8. Makes Documents Editable

OCR technology enables users to make changes, edits, or updates in scanned documents easily. This is extremely useful for any business that needs to update large amounts of customer information quickly and accurately. With OCR data entry, documents are easily transformed into editable text for easy manipulation and updating.

Why Do Today’s Businesses Use OCR

OCR technology is used by businesses to digitize paper documents. This technology uses advanced OCR algorithms and computer vision to scan, recognize, and convert printed text into machine-readable digital text format.

1. Streamlined Access

Organizations leverage OCR to quickly and easily access data stored in paper documents. This allows them to streamline their processes, reduce manual labour, and accelerate the speed of business decisions.

2. Unmatched Accuracy & Interpretation

OCR reads text from any digital document with unprecedented accuracy, allowing businesses to access the data contained within a document. Validation of databases, better interpretation of data and the protection of user data result in increased customer service offerings.

3. Better Cost-Efficiency

Optical character recognition technology can drastically reduce operational costs, among the most significant expenditures for businesses. By leveraging OCR text recognition to automate document processing tasks, businesses can save on costs and free up resources.

4. More Productivity

By utilizing OCR, companies can quickly convert scanned documents into digital files that are more easily searchable and easier to store. This allows employees to access vital information without manually entering it or exploring hard-copy archives.

5. Customer Loyalty & Retention

Offering customers an optimistic experience is vital to gaining an edge over competitors. By utilizing OCR, client needs can be met expediently. Offering high-quality service fosters loyalty and can lead to an increase in customer conversions.

5 Popular OCR Use-Cases by Industry

OCR technology continues to expand its use cases across industries. Here are reasons why OCR is important with document scanning across industries:

1. OCR Mobile Scanner in Banking

OCR mobile scanning helps banks store, access, and use documents securely. Through the OCR document scanner app, banks can quickly scan documents such as checks and IDs to verify customer identity, open new accounts, or process payments easily and accurately.

2. OCR Mobile Scanner in Traveling

It allows travellers to store and access important information such as airline tickets, travel itineraries, passport details, and other documents while on the go.

3. OCR Mobile Scanner in Government

Government agencies can use an OCR mobile scan to quickly capture text from forms and automatically classify the information for easier retrieval and analysis.

4. OCR Mobile Scanner in Food Industry

Using OCR mobile scanner in the food industry can quickly scan receipts, menus, and labels. It also helps with faster processing of invoices, orders, inventory tracking, and more.

5. OCR Mobile Scanner in Healthcare

It speeds up the intake of new patients. It can quickly scan documents such as insurance cards, health records, and patient IDs and convert them into digital data.


What is the key reason why we use an OCR scanner?

The main purpose of an OCR scanner is to provide businesses with accurate conversion tools that utilize computer vision technologies. It enables manual workflows to become more efficient and reliable over time while ensuring greater accuracy when handling large volumes of documents.

 How can OCR be used to increase productivity?

  • The three potential uses of OCR for boosting productivity are:
  • Automating Document Processing
  • Streamlining Content Management
  • Improving Business Processes & Practices

 How do I use OCR on a document?

  • Choose an OCR software or OCR scanner app
  • Ensure your document is ready before scanning it with an OCR program
  • Start processing your document and store it in a precise format
  • You might need some post-editing after obtaining the results

What is OCR? What is the major difference between OCR and a scanner?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, a process of converting digital images of scanned text into fully editable and searchable text. While scanners only capture the document as an image file, OCR software reads and analyzes the content of the document, recognizing individual characters, and converting them into machine-readable text.

What are the substantial advantages and disadvantages of an OCR?

Advantages of OCR:

  • Reduce manual data entry
  • Enable data extraction
  • Increase accuracy and efficiency
  • Streamline administrative tasks
  • Enhance customer service

Disadvantages of OCR:

  • Prone to mistakes as computers interpret the text differently from humans
  • Some documents may not be able to be read accurately without human intervention
  • Potential security risks if used improperly


We discovered the reasons why OCR is important with document scanning. With the benefits of using OCR for document scanning, businesses can unlock new opportunities and previously unavailable services.

Ultimately, with reliable OCR software like QuickScan, businesses can be sure they are provided with the best technology for their document scanning needs.

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