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Quickscan user guide for ios
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December 7, 2021

The document scanning app, QuickScan, is fast, precise, simple, and serves as the best mobile scanning App. The handy phone scanner app scans your documents into high-quality PDF. What makes the Scanner app the best is that you can use it with just one tap. Now let’s read about the Quickscan iOS user guide.

QuickScan best scanning app for iPhone, which is a handy Free scanner app, doesn’t run on advertising, data collection, or any other kind of the bugbears of apparently “free” software. QuickScan, the Scan to PDF OCR App was effectively used during the lockdown, which assisted students struggling to afford digital tools for education.

The remarkable thing about QuickScan, the best scanner app for android and free scanner app for iPhone is that it works well on both platforms. OCR lets you export to PDF, TEXT, and other formats.

QuickScan User Guide

For iOS Users

You can scan documents with iPhone with QuickScan App. It serves as an On-the-Go Document Scanner App and scans docs from anywhere. You can even scan photos with iPhone as it allows you to scan images and save them in the desired format: PDF & JPEG. Also, there is the possibility to edit the image as per your requirement. Scan multiple documents and convert them into one PDF.

Read more: You can also check how the Quickscan document scanner application work on Android devices. Check Quickscan user guide for Android users.

Easy To Use iOS scanner app requires you to follow some simple steps.

User Guide for iOS user – Blog

Go to the App Store. Search by the name QuickScan App. As soon as the iPhone scanner displays, install it. You can get the subscriptions available as monthly, quarterly, and annual plans. The yearly subscription is available at 15.97USD, and the quarterly subscription is available for 6.65USD. Moreover, the monthly subscription is available for 2.65USD. QuickScan is a scanning tool and serves as a quick and simple way of scanning documents.
Position the camera & scan the document. Then, click on “Save”.
Position the camera & scan the image. Then, click on “Save”.
You can pick any image from the gallery and scan it. Then, click on “Save”.
Click any image with the camera and scan it. Then, click on “Save”.
Open QuickScan App Automatic Scan, and there you will have to Select Automatic on the top left side. The PDF scanner app, QuickScan adjusts the page and scans the document.
For the Manual Scan, Click Manual on the top right side. Manually select and adjust the page. Then click Scan.
Save files in PDF or JPEG and PNG format
After saving files in PDF or JPEG, you can share the files among friends and colleagues via email or save them on the cloud.
Include a file name.
Actual (30.10MB), Large(6.91MB) Medium(3.78MB), Small(2.02MB) Format: PDF, JPG, PNG Share: Mail, Social handles, drive, cloud, If Saved in the App, you can sort the file by Name, Sort by Date Created, Sort by size.
On Create Folder page, pick the job type or category for the template: Enable content scan job or allow import job. In putting the Name and Description. Make the name meaningful. When creating a manual explore scan, name the template Manual to explore scan.
a) Open the QuickScan app b) choose Scan from the menu bar>>>"New Batch " Highlight (select) the PDF profile in the "New Batch" dialog. c) Click Edit. d) Click Image Format and Naming
Scan multiple pages to PDF. Organize, manage or Share. Create folders, find any document after document scanning. Adjust the settings of the scanner. Click "Scan." For scanning numerous pages, select the "Scan more pages. " Else, if you requisite to scan numerous pages into solo PDF, tick the accessible "Combine PDF" button.

Key Takeaways

With the QuickScan app, you can scan documents using iPhone or Android, create folders and find the document in seconds after document scanning. Also, the app automatically backs up scans in the cloud and shares documents via email, message, drive, and iCloud.

The precise QuickScan scan app for iPhone, which is a multi-linguistic and PDF scanner app works in English, Hindi, German, and so on. Following the steps mentioned above, you get easy access to scanning the documents and images as per your preferences.

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